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Digital = reinventing

We actively reïnvent the way people within and between businesses work together. We design, build and maintain niche products that greatly improve the way people work. Our goal: use our entrepreneurial mindset and technical skills to design a better society together with everyone willing to help.

Niche software products

We love to improve niche industries by marketing our own software. We are totaly in love with this delicate process: Combining our knowledge of the Lean Startup Process, our expertise in building and maintaining software and setting up teams with fitting culture.

Hire us

Consultancy & projectmanagement

We only work for businesses and organizations that have a clear vision of how they want to improve peoples lives and help transfer the economy towards a sustainable model. If so, we can help you with the next step: creating and maintaining your digital business.

Lean Startup

We would love to help you implement Lean Startup philosophy and Agile product development. We can coach and mentor your existing teams, kickstart a new product with our team or help you setup new product development teams from scratch.